Dokodemo is Niels van Hoeckel, graphic designer and illustrator from The Netherlands, with over 15 years of experience in working for the music industry.

My goals as a digital creative are to create not just images but stories and brand experiences that cross-over through various media formats and disciplines. When I'm not working you can find me outdoors, having a good time with friends or indoors with movies, games and books. Always being triggered and inspired by all the things I see, hear, feel and experience.

Some of the clients I have worked with throughout the years include: Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Within Temptation, Ultra Music, Alda Events, Spinnin'Records, Angerfist, Art of Dance, Q-Dance, Headhunterz, Paul Elstak, Platinum Agency, Mojo, and Madame Tussauds.


Together with the amazing Set Vexy I created a series of promotional visuals for the album "Resist" by Within Temptation. The combination of sci-fi elements and metal music was a dream come true.

The attention to detail and effort put into the project by both Within Temptation and Set Vexy gave me a great start. I first created all the sci-fi elements, such as the space-ship and cryopods, in 3D and then composed the image and band photograpy in Photoshop. Adding further details, background, retouching and effects to finish the final visuals.

Graphic Design, 3D Visuals and Art Direction

Client: Within Temptation
Photography: Set Vexy



Working with Hardwell and Revealed Recordings for over 5 years has brought us to all corners of the world. From posters in New York and Las Vegas, to billboards in Mumbai or Tokyo and back again to LED walls in Amsterdam. Creating all sorts of visuals and branding, ranging from album covers, to campaign art for international events and everything in between.

Illustration, Graphic Design, 3D Visuals and Art Direction

Client: Hardwell & Revealed Recordings


Working with Art of Dance means working with one of the leading companies on the harder side of the dance music industry. This includes creating visuals and concepts for well-known and established brands such as Masters of Hardcore, Dominator and Supremacy. But also imagening entirely new experiences like Snakepit or Airforce Festival from scratch. Often working together with a large team of creatives to create all-round brand campaigns including merchandise, animation and stage design.

Illustration, Graphic Design, 3D Visuals and Art Direction 

Client: Art of Dance




Growing up as a child in the 80's and 90's I was influenced a lot by games, movies, cartoons and music. All these experiences became a big part of my creative side and the way I express my imagination. In my free time I often use these as an excuse or starting point to try and teach myself new techniques and push the limits of my creativity. Most of the times they also double as a digital thank you note to the creative minds that constantly inspired me to do what I do.

Illustration, Graphic Design and 3D Visuals

Client: Me, popculture and the internet
Inspiration: All the creative people of the world.


As one of the leading acts in hardstyle music, Gunz for Hire were the first to take the art of storytelling to both the stage and the digital world. Being there from the beginning of their journey we created a fantastic world of guns and gangsters for their fans to escape into and allowed them to become a part of the ongoing story. Throughout various campaings and releases the goal was always to push the limits of production further and further each time, often sparing no expenses nor the amount of effort. 

Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding, 3D Visuals and Art Direction.

Client: Gunz for Hire, Cnnctddots


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